an other world
26/01/24 - 04/02/24| EXHIBITION
I, a Porous Site, a Seed| Jesse Blaauw
Opening Friday, January 26, 18h-21h
Visiting days and hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 14h-18h and by appointment

Dear You, 

You are warmly invited to I, a Porous Site, a Seed, in An Other World: to contemplate and nourish our capacity to identify beyond our identities, beyond our “Skins Of Separation”, “Peels", “Walls”, and “Windows”. The work on display is concerned with the dissolving of body-mind duality, meta-modern monism, and relationality as an indispensable condition. 
It is a case study of wholeness as a praxis, *loving* expansively as a Porous Site exists site-specifically. Everything is in substantial exchange with everything continuously. There shall be a place to just breathe…

I Or, I Or, I Or, One, 
A Porous Site,
Another One, 
An Attempt to Extension, 
I Or, I Or, I Or, Three,
The Reader: You or me?
The Window, or the Curtain
Windows - “I wish I had money for a room with windows.”

Jesse will be there every Friday till Sunday 26,27,28-01-2023 and 2,3,4-02-2023, from 12 to 18, providing feelings, thoughts, tea, and a snack. On Saturdays, one may join for conversation, and a bowl of soup around 1 PM.

Photos courtesy the artist.