an other world
Opening: Thursday, June 1, 6-9pm, with an artist talk at 8pm.
Visiting days and hours: Friday, Saturday, 2-6pm and by appointment
The exhibition is open until Saturday, 17 June

an other world is pleased to announce A Tool of Resistance by Vangjush Vellahu. During the opening there will be an artist talk by Vangjush Vellahu. Exploring unrecognised and semi-recognised states brought Vangjush Vellahu in 2019 to the West Bank. The video work A Tool of Resistance (2020) explores the role and nature of camera technologies and visual practices in the occupied territories of Palestine. Cameras have been playing a crucial role as visual tools of resistance, intervening and documenting the military occupation, its expansion and normalisation over time. Palestinian activists have been employing camera technologies and visual practices as political tools in anti-occupation strategies, in cinematic and forensic formats.

A Tool of Resistance is the third part of Traversals, a three part project that explores the theme of liminal spaces with a selection of invited artists from abroad. The term liminal can refer to occupying either side of a threshold or boundary. The selected artists' work questions how to inhabit liminality as a place of in-betweens, contingencies, and uncertainty.

Vangjush Vellahu lives and works in Tirana and Berlin.His practice is preoccupied with the state of in-betweenness as a legal reality and how this affects personal realities. As the existence of some nations-states is contested, he explores the particular storytelling of these communities. In his work, Vellahu is interested in travel as a medium to collect and tell stories. Vellahu’s travels often take the shape of journal-like reconfigurations that attempt at re-defining the understanding of what borders and territories represent today. His desire to travel comes from an impulse to cross such structures – to link the past with the imagination of possible futures, to relate where he came from and where he is heading. To recreate a specific feeling, a feeling of uncertainty, alienation, but also of home. Vangjush Vellahu’s work has been shown at Manifesta, Art Quarter Budapest (HU), Bazament Art Space (AL), Times Art Center (DE), Hestia Art Residency & Exhibitions Bureau (RS), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (HR) and Zeta Contemporary Art Center (AL)

Traversals is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam.
Photos Jake Caleb.

01/06/23 - 17/06/23| EXHIBITION
A tool of resistance| Vangjush Vellahu