an other world
08/09/23 - 17/09/23| EXHIBITION
Dreams | Studio Dreams:
Ghislain Amar, Bergur Anderson, Guillem S. Arquer, Sarah Blake, Katrina Niebergal and Leonard Prochazka
The opening will take place: Friday, September 8, 5-9pm
Visiting days and hours: Friday, Saturday, 2-6pm and by appointment
The exhibition is open until Sunday, September 17

"Studio Dreams is an artist’s studio in Rotterdam, located in the former De Player space in Afrikaanderwijk since approximately September 2022. At some point in our very early days, one of us suggested we make a group exhibition together as a way to bond as studio mates, but also to locate, relocate, dislocate, localize and vocalize our sharing of space and our place and presence in the neighbourhood.

Months later, here we are. As individuals we coexist in Studio Dreams — share pots and pans, plans, a kettle, a calendar, a half (broken) wooden spoon, new friendships, and busy lives. As we attempt to collectively write this text, we are also preparing for the exhibition — and, obviously and quite honestly, don’t know yet what sorts of resonances will come from the intermingling of our works in this exhibition and physical space . . . but we’re excited to find out.

And would be happy for you to join us.

Ghislain, Bergur, Guillem, Sarah, Katrina, and Lenny"