an other world
23/06/23 - 15/07/23| EXHIBITION
Spells on the Wave| Thom Driver & Duncan Robertson & Cécile Tafanelli
You are warmly invited to the opening of Spells on the Wave by Thom Driver, Duncan Robertson, and Cécile Tafanelli.

The opening will take place: Friday, June 23, 6-9pm
Visiting days and hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm and by appointment
The exhibition is open until Saturday, 15 July.

In Spells on the Wave, three quite different but complementary approaches to voice find themselves echoing around an other world’s bunker-like basement. This chamber, with its connotations of enclosure and claustrophobia, can also expand what it contains. Literally in the case of sound waves, and metaphorically, as a concealed and concentrated place for ideas to be distilled.

Duncan Robertson (1988, UK) is a performer and writer living and working in Amsterdam. His practice revolves around the ideological malleability of language and biography. Robertson makes performances offering absurd, humorous, surreal and incomplete worlds that often focus on the moral imperatives of work and productivity and its effect on subjectivity. In his performances Duncan utilises his own body, sets and props in theatrical scenarios to open thoughts and difficulties with living. Duncan’s performances feature collaged sounds, images, texts and voices from everyday experiences to create surreal and humorous worlds.

Thom Driver's (1977, UK) practice converges around several enquiries — how language is used to perpetuate power structures and how it can be re-imagined as a space of alterity and resistance to them. He uses sound, video, drawing and installation to make work that foregrounds emotion, humour, contradictions, and the surreal to get into the cracks in things and explore moments when hidden truths escape carefully composed façades.

Cécile Tafanelli (born 1982. FR), graduated in 2018 from the Sandberg’s Master of Voice program. She centres her multi-media practice mainly around the use of her own voice, exploring both its plasticity in terms of emoting, control and freedom, the voice in all its ambiguity: raw or manufactured or both to some degrees. Trained in various sung forms (South Indian Carnatic, Operatic). She uses these skills as tools to produce sound pieces installations and/or performances, re-creating and extracting memories related to mental or physical spaces exploring the frontier between interiority and broadcasting. Her current research focuses on hypnosis, past lives, embodiment and absence. She received the Mondriaan Funds Jong talent in 2020 and is part of the band "Cold in Church" together with various artists.